Looking to preserve some of your all-time favourite reels by converting 8mm film to digital? Find out how below!

There are a few ways to digitise 8mm film, both at home and professionally. Find out a bit more about each method below.

1. Off the wall
Off the wall is by far the simplest way to convert 8mm film to digital without professional help, but it’s also one of the lowest quality methods. Once you’ve set your film up to play on a projector, you can use a digital camera on a tripod to record it as it plays. There are a few challenges here, in that you need a smooth, white wall to project onto, a dark and quiet room with no interruptions, and a flat surface to project and film from.

2. Projector to lens
Mount a digital camera onto the lens of the film projector to capture imagery directly. This method requires a modified projector unit or a mount that helps you align lens and camera perfectly. This may be slightly better quality since there are fewer lenses and surfaces for the image to travel to. The challenge here is that image quality varies massively depending on lens and camera quality.

3. Scan each frame
Much like traditional telecine machines, which do film transfers, scanners are designed to scan each frame of the film as a digital image. These then get uploaded to a computer and converted into a movie file. This process is time-consuming, but resolution quality will be better.

4. Leave it to the pros
We convert Cine to DVD or Digital. All you need to do is let us know how many reels you want to convert and what you want to convert them to: memory stick, DVD or a cloud backup, and we’ll help you preserve your memories.

How to digitise 8mm film: thanks to the incredible frame-by-frame scanning technology available, digital conversions of cine films come out incredibly clear. Cine reels are historical now, so not many people own them – digitising them truly is the best way to protect and share your memories, and we’ve made it easier for you.

All you have to do is place, pack and post:

1. Place an order online
2. Pack your reels (with your order number included)
3. Post it to us

We’ll do all the work and send you your memories in your chosen format, your reels are ageing and losing quality over time so put your order in sooner rather than later.