Convert Audio Tapes to Digital

Your old audio tapes have got a lot of life left in them.

Convert them to digital files in two simple steps and they’ll last another lifetime (or longer)!

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How it works.

Our process is simple, reliable, and trusted by thousands of happy customers

Step 1

Send them

After you order, we’ll email you to arrange a courier collection. If you’d rather send your tapes directly, we’ll also explain how to post them to us in North Yorkshire.

Step 1

Save them

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your tapes. Our specialists will carefully begin work to preserve and digitise your memories.

Step 1

Savour them

You’ll get an email when we’ve sent your digital conversions (and your originals) back to you. After that, it’s over to you to enjoy your old memories made new!

You’ll always know where your tapes are, when we’re working on them, and when you can expect to get them back.

What type
of conversion
should you

How to choose the right
digital conversion for you.



Your converted audio on a USB memory stick. Plug in to your computer (or any other device with a USB port) and you can play, save, and copy your files.

What you get
All your tapes on one USB
What to order
You only need to order one USB to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Listening on the computer

CD Set

Your original audio, converted and written onto a CD. You’ll be able to play it on any CD player, DVD player, or other disc drive.

What you get
Your audio on at least one CD
What to order
You only need to order one CD set to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Listening on the stereo

Cloud Backup

Your conversions, stored online. We’ll upload your files to the cloud and send you a private access link, so you can stream and download with no limits.

What you get
Your conversions as digital files
What to order
You only need to order one cloud backup link to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Sharing far and wide

What you can expect from us.

Your memories are irreplaceable - this is how we’ll take care of them

Free blanks

Free blanks

You’ll never have to pay for sending blank tapes. If we find any blanks in your order, we’ll refund them ASAP.
Free return

Free return

Your originals are priceless. We’ll send them back to you free of charge along with your conversions.
Free repairs

Free repairs

Our technicians can fix most problems and will always try their best to repair any damaged media you send us.
Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

More conversions, more savings! You can get up to 30% off, depending on how many tapes you’re converting.
Quality equipment

Quality equipment

The best conversions are made using the best equipment. What else would you expect us to use for your memories?
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

You’ll be updated via email when your order arrives and again when it is sent back to you. You can check on the status of your order at any time using our real-time order tracker.

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The simple way to
convert audio cassettes and reels.

Whether it’s your teenage band’s first album, a chat with a grandparent, or another precious memory stored on cassette, old recordings are worth keeping alive.

Tapes deteriorate over time, which means the quality of their recordings - and the memories they contain - can fade.

Converting audio cassettes to digital files restores and preserves those memories, but it isn’t a quick or easy job. In fact, it needs some specific equipment and skills.

Converting old video tapes to digital files is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories and relive them.

We’re proud to help people beat the technical trap of digital conversions and keep their memories alive. With many thousands of hours of audio conversions under our belt, your old cassettes are in safe hands.

We’d love to preserve more memories. Would you?

Examples of our audio conversions.


If you've ever recorded on cassette, you will have had to accept that plenty of hums, crackles, and hisses would end up in your recording. Our technicians have tools and techniques that can cut all these unwanted noises down significantly.


Equalisation and levelling

One of the main ways cassettes deteriorate is through changes in their ‘signal strength’. You’ll know this has happened if the volume or bass changes from section to section. We can level this inconsistency out and restore the audio to its former glory.



Q. What is involved in converting cassette tapes to CDs?
Converting cassette tapes to CDs involves a process called 'digitisation', where the analogue audio on the cassette is transferred and converted into a digital format. This process starts by playing the tape in a deck connected to a computer with audio capture capabilities. The audio is then recorded in real-time and converted into a digital file, typically in a format such as WAV or MP3. After the audio is digitised, it can be burned onto a CD using CD-burning software. At Digital Converters, we use professional-grade equipment and software to ensure the highest quality conversion. Our expert technicians monitor and adjust the audio levels, remove any unnecessary noise, and ensure the integrity of the original recording is maintained. By opting for a professional service like ours, you avoid the hassle and potential quality issues of DIY methods, ensuring a more cost-effective and superior result.
Q. How long does it take to convert a cassette to CD?
The time it takes to convert a cassette to CD can vary depending on the length of the tape and the quality of the original recording. Generally, the conversion process is done in real-time, meaning a 60-minute cassette will take approximately 60 minutes to digitise. However, additional time is required for quality checks, editing, and CD burning. At Digital Converters, we streamline this process using professional equipment and expertise, often delivering finished CDs within 7 days of receiving the tapes. By choosing our service, you benefit from a faster turnaround time and assurance of quality, which can be particularly valuable for larger or more urgent projects.
Q. Can you improve the sound quality of my cassette when converting it to CD?
Improving the sound quality of a cassette during conversion is possible to a certain extent. Techniques like noise reduction, volume levelling, and equalisation can be applied to enhance the overall sound. However, the extent of improvement depends on the original quality of the cassette recording. At Digital Converters, our technicians are skilled in using advanced software to optimise audio quality. We can often reduce background hiss, correct volume fluctuations, and improve clarity, resulting in a CD that sounds better than the original tape.
Q. What types of cassettes can be converted to CDs?
Nearly all types of audio cassettes can be converted to CDs, including standard cassette tapes, microcassettes, and even rare or older formats. The key requirement is that the tape is playable. If a tape is damaged, such as having a broken shell or a tangled tape, it might need repair before conversion. At Digital Converters, we have experience handling a wide range of cassette types and conditions. Our technicians can often repair minor damage and ensure that even fragile or aged tapes are safely digitised. Opting for a professional service like ours ensures that your valuable recordings, regardless of their format or condition, are treated with the utmost care and expertise.
Q. What if my cassette is damaged – can it still be converted?
Damaged cassettes can often still be converted, but the feasibility depends on the type and extent of the damage. Common issues like a snapped tape, a dirty playback head, or a broken shell can often be repaired. Our technicians at Digital Converters are skilled in cassette repair and can assess and fix many problems before conversion. However, severely damaged tapes, especially those with significant magnetic tape degradation, might be challenging to recover fully.
Q. Is it better to convert to CD or digital files?
Choosing between converting to CD or digital files depends on your intended use and personal preference. CDs are a tangible format that can be played on CD players and computers, offering a sense of physical ownership. Digital files, on the other hand, are more versatile. They can be easily stored, shared, and played on various devices like smartphones, computers, and digital music players. At Digital Converters, we offer both options. Converting to digital files often provides more flexibility for future use and archiving, as files can be backed up and duplicated without quality loss.
Q. How can I ensure the best quality conversion when sending my cassettes to you?
To ensure the best quality conversion, it's important to send your cassettes in the best possible condition. If the cassette has been stored away for a long time, we recommend playing it through once if possible, to loosen the tape. Make sure the cassette is free from dust and stored in its case to protect it during transit, if possible. At Digital Converters, upon receiving your cassettes, we perform an initial assessment and cleaning before conversion. Our professional equipment is calibrated to handle a wide range of tape conditions, ensuring the best possible digitisation.
Q. Can I convert a cassette to CD myself, and how does it compare to using a professional service?
Converting a cassette to CD yourself is possible with the right equipment: a cassette player, an audio interface or cable to connect to a computer, and CD burning software. However, this DIY approach often falls short in terms of quality and convenience compared to a professional service. At Digital Converters, we use high-end audio capture and processing equipment, which significantly enhances the sound quality. Additionally, our technicians have the expertise to handle various audio issues and provide editing and enhancement services. While DIY conversion can be a fun project, using a professional service ensures a higher quality, more reliable, and time-efficient solution.
Q. Can you handle bulk cassette to CD conversions, and are there any discounts for large quantities?
Yes, we can handle bulk conversions of cassettes to CDs. For large quantities, we offer discounts or custom pricing plans. Bulk conversions benefit from our streamlined process and professional equipment, ensuring consistent quality across all items. This service is particularly beneficial for organisations, archives, or individuals with large collections of cassettes. By choosing Digital Converters for bulk conversions, you save time and effort while ensuring all your recordings are professionally digitised and preserved.
Q. How do you ensure the safety and privacy of my cassettes during the conversion process?
Ensuring the safety and privacy of your cassettes is a top priority for us at Digital Converters. We follow strict protocols for handling and storing your media. All conversions are done in-house by our trained technicians, and we do not outsource any part of the process. We also offer secure, tracked shipping options and keep your cassettes and converted CDs in a secure, monitored facility. Additionally, we respect your privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that your content is never shared or accessed by unauthorised personnel. By entrusting your cassettes to a professional service like ours, you can be confident that they are handled with the utmost care and privacy.
Q. After converting my cassette to CD, can I get additional copies of the CD?
Absolutely. Just select more than 1 when you hit “Click to Add”. If you change your mind once we’ve sent your first conversion, we do keep digital backups of your converted files for a limited time, allowing us to create extra CDs upon request. This service is useful for sharing your converted audio with family and friends or keeping backup copies. The cost for additional copies is generally minimal, and it's a convenient way to distribute your cherished recordings.
Q. Will the CDs created from my cassettes play on all CD players?
The CDs we create from your cassettes are standard audio CDs, which should play on all CD players, including home stereo systems, car CD players, and portable CD players. However, compatibility can sometimes vary depending on the age and model of the CD player. We use high-quality CD-R media and adhere to industry-standard CD audio formatting to maximise compatibility. If you encounter any playback issues, we're here to provide support and solutions.
Q. How do you handle cassettes with multiple tracks or sides? Are they separated on the CD?
We handle cassettes with multiple tracks or sides by carefully digitising each section. These sections are then separated into individual tracks on the CD, mirroring the original structure of the cassette. This approach makes it easy to navigate through songs or sections when playing the CD. At Digital Converters, we pay close attention to the details of each cassette, ensuring that the transition between tracks is smooth and that the integrity of the original recording is maintained. This meticulous process is part of the professional service we offer, ensuring that your CDs are not only a copy but a well-organised and user-friendly version of your original tapes.
Q. Can I customise the order of tracks or add personal titles when converting to CD?
Customising the order of tracks and adding personal titles is certainly possible when converting cassettes to CDs. When you send your cassettes to us, you can provide instructions for how you'd like the tracks organised and titled. Our technicians can then edit and arrange the tracks according to your specifications. This customisation allows you to personalise your CD, making it more than just a conversion but a tailored version of your audio memories. At Digital Converters, we strive to provide a service that’s not only professional but also personal, catering to your specific preferences and needs.
Q. How is the quality of a CD converted from a cassette compared to the original tape?
The quality of a CD converted from a cassette is often comparable to, if not better than, the original tape. This improvement in quality is due to the digital format's lack of hiss and background noise common in cassette tapes. Additionally, during the conversion process, we can apply audio enhancements such as noise reduction, equalisation, and volume levelling to improve the sound quality. However, the final quality also depends on the original cassette's condition. At Digital Converters, we use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure the best possible quality, often resulting in a CD that provides a clearer and more enjoyable listening experience than the original tape.
Q. What should I do if my converted CD has issues or I'm not satisfied with the quality?
If you encounter any issues with your converted CD or are not satisfied with the quality, please contact us immediately. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any problems. This may involve re-evaluating the original cassette, re-converting if necessary, or making further enhancements to the audio. Our goal at Digital Converters is to provide a high-quality service that meets your expectations, and we stand behind our work with a commitment to resolving any issues promptly and effectively.
Q. Why should I choose Digital Converters for my cassette to CD conversion instead of other services?
Choosing Digital Converters for your cassette to CD conversion offers several advantages. Firstly, our professional equipment and expertise ensure the highest quality conversion. We have extensive experience in handling a wide range of cassettes and can deal with various conditions and formats. Secondly, we offer personalised services, including track customisation, additional copies, refunds for blank tapes, and comprehensive customer support. Lastly, our commitment to customer satisfaction and the preservation of your precious audio memories sets us apart. We provide a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality service, making us an excellent choice for your digital conversion needs.