Convert Film Negatives To Digital

Most people store their negatives in less than ideal conditions, meaning they may only last 25-50 years before deteriorating due to factors like mould, humidity, and light exposure.

With our negatives scanning service, we can quickly scan your old photo negatives and convert to digital formats for you in two simple steps to preserve all those memories and moments from years gone by.
We can also Convert Slides to Digital, and Digitise Photos, if you have those formats.

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How our negative scanning service works..

Our negative scanning process is simple, reliable, and trusted by thousands of happy customers

Step 1

Send them

After you order, we’ll email you to arrange a courier collection. If you’d rather send your negatives directly, we’ll also explain how to post them to us in North Yorkshire.

Step 1

Save them

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your slides or photos. Our specialists will carefully begin work to preserve and digitise your memories.

Step 1

Savour them

You’ll get an email when we’ve sent your digitised negatives (and your originals) back to you. After that, it’s over to you to enjoy your old memories made new!

You’ll always know where your negatives are, when we’re working on them, and when you can expect to get them back.

What type
of conversion
should you

How to choose the right
digital conversion for your negatives.


Convert Negatives to USB

Your converted photo negatives stored on a brand new USB memory stick. Plug in to your computer (or any other device with a USB port) to view, save, and send your newly-scanned negatives.

What you get
All your negatives on one USB
What to order
You only need to order one USB to get all your digitised negatives
Perfect for…
Making a digital photo album

Convert Negatives to DVD

Your original photo negatives scanned and written onto a DVD. You’ll be able to look at them on any DVD player, Games Console or Laptop with a DVD drive.

What you get
Your negatives on at least one DVD
What to order
You only need to order one DVD set to get all your digitised negatives
Perfect for…
Slideshows on the TV

Convert Negatives to Digital

Your old photo negatives turned into digital images and stored safely online. We’ll upload your digitised negatives to the cloud and send you a private access link, so you can view and download your negatives instantly, from anywhere.

What you get
Your negatives converted to digital image files
What to order
You only need to order one cloud backup link to get all your digitised negatives
Perfect for…
Sharing with friends and family

What you can expect from us.

Your old photo negatives are irreplaceable - this is how we’ll take care of them

Free blanks

Free blanks

You’ll never have to pay for sending blank negatives. If we find any blanks in your order, we’ll refund them ASAP.
Free return

Free return

Your old negatives are priceless. We’ll send them back to you free of charge along with your digital slide conversions.
Free repairs

Free repairs

Our technicians can fix most problems and will always try their best to repair any damaged negatives you send us.
Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

More conversions, more savings! You can get up to 30% off, depending on how many negatives you’re converting.
Quality equipment

Quality equipment

The best negatives digitisations are made using the best equipment. What else would you expect us to use for your memories?
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

You’ll be updated via email when your order arrives and again when it is sent back to you. You can check on the status of your order at any time using our real-time order tracker.

What do Digital Converters
customers think?

Thousands of people have trusted us with their memories already.
This is what they made of the experience...


Converting Negatives To Digital Is Easy.

Family photos are a wealth of wonderful (and sometimes embarrassing!) memories.

However, what about the negatives that you never developed? You may not have as much time left as you think to develop them, because photo negatives fade and degrade with time.

Scanning your old photo negatives is an ideal method to retain their quality and all of the good memories in those albums. We scan at 600 DPI resolution, which results in high-quality scans suitable for digital preservation, reprinting, and viewing.

We can also scan images from 35mm film at a resolution of 4000 DPI. This is due to the fact that they hold a massive amount of visual information, which we can employ to create far larger images.

Our professional specialists scan and convert your negatives to digital formats using high-quality technology in a timely, efficient, and dependable manner.

Examples of our photo conversions.

Nothing beats seeing old memories remade for today



Q. What's the difference between DIY and professional negatives conversion?
The difference can be night and day. DIY setups can't match the precision of professional scanning equipment, often resulting in lower quality images. At Digital Converters, we use top-of-the-line scanners and software to ensure your digital photos are as vibrant and clear as possible. Our expertise means we can bring out the best in your negatives, something that's hard to achieve on your own.
Q. Why should I convert my negatives?
Time waits for no one, and unfortunately, the same goes for photo negatives. As they age, they're at risk of degradation, which can lead to loss of detail and colour. Converting them to digital format secures these memories against time's effects, ensuring they remain vibrant and accessible for future generations. Plus, with Digital Converters, the process is so straightforward, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Don't wait until it's too late; let us help you safeguard your memories today.
Q. What formats can I get my digitised negatives in?
With Digital Converters, you can choose from popular digital formats like JPEG or TIFF, ensuring your new digital photos are ready for whatever you've got planned, be it printing or posting online. Then it’s up to you to choose the digital media - we offer USB, DVD and Cloud Backup - enabling you to view or download your digitised slides any time.
Q. Is it expensive to convert negatives to digital?
DIY costs can add up, especially if you need to buy or rent the right equipment. We’re also cheaper than the big high street names. Digital Converters offers competitive pricing of just £10 for 10 negative frames, plus £6 - £8 depending on the digital format you are converting to, making it affordable to breathe new life into your old negatives. We also offer bulk discounts, making it even cheaper to convert large numbers of negatives at once. Think of it as an investment in preserving your history, with the bonus of having your memories accessible at the click of a button.
Q. Can you enhance the quality of old photo negatives when converting them?
On your own, enhancing images might mean fiddling with complex software, often with mixed results. Our experts at Digital Converters use professional-grade tools to correct colour, adjust brightness, and improve contrast, making your photos look better than ever. It's like giving your memories a polish and shine for their digital debut.
Q. Can I convert photo negatives to digital using my smartphone?
It is possible to convert negatives to digital via a smartphone, using certain apps or makeshift setups. However, you're likely to run into issues with resolution, lighting, and colour accuracy. Professional services like Digital Converters use advanced scanners and tools to ensure your memories shine through in high clarity. Our team has a knack for getting every detail right, providing you with super high resolution, pin-sharp digital conversions so you can relive those moments with even better quality images than would’ve been possible with traditional photo developing.
Q. How long does it take to convert negatives to digital format?
If you're tackling this project solo, the time it takes can vary widely, depending on how many negatives you've got and your setup's efficiency. At Digital Converters, we have the technology to scan multiple negatives quickly, so we've streamlined the process to be as swift as possible, without cutting corners on quality. You'll have your digital memories back with you in a jiffy, usually within 7 days, ready to share or relive.
Q. Can converting my negatives damage them?
Going DIY, there's always a risk of mishandling, which could scratch or even tear your precious negatives. However, the team at Digital Converters treats your negatives like the treasures they are, using gloves and professional equipment to keep them safe and sound. Plus, we return all originals, ensuring they're just as you entrusted them to us, but cleaner.
Q. How do I know if my negatives are suitable for conversion?
Assessing negatives can be tricky without the right equipment. When you send them to Digital Converters, we evaluate each one to see what's possible. Our engineers can work magic though, turning even faded images into clear, vibrant photos you'll be proud to show off, so we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to convert your negatives as long as they’re not torn or broken.
Q. Can negatives be too old to convert?
While DIY methods might struggle with very old or damaged negatives, our team at Digital Converters has seen it all and has a few tricks up their sleeves to get the best possible outcome. We love a good challenge and often surprise our customers with the results.
Q. Can Digital Converters handle large quantities of negatives?
Yes - whether you've got a small stack or a whole boxful, we're ready and waiting. Our setup is optimised for handling large orders efficiently, ensuring each negative gets the attention it deserves. This means you can dust off those boxes of negatives and let us take care of the rest, hassle-free.
Q. What if I'm not happy with the digital images?
We want you to be as happy with the outcome as all our other customers have been. But if something's not up to scratch, let us know. We're committed to making it right, offering tweaks and adjustments until you're absolutely pleased with the digital images. Our customer service team is always on hand to ensure your satisfaction.
Q. Can I convert black and white negatives too?
Black and white negatives hold a charm all their own, and we're adept at bringing that timeless look into the digital age. The nuances of shades and light can be further enhanced, ensuring your black and white photos retain their classic appeal with crisp clarity. At Digital Converters, we treat every shade of negative with the respect it deserves, showcasing the depth and emotion of your memories in each conversion.
Q. How do I prepare my negatives for conversion?
If you're thinking of doing it yourself, you'd need to carefully clean and sort them, which can be quite fiddly. If using a professional service like Digital Converters, all you have to do is post them to us. We'll handle all the prep work for you. From cleaning to sorting, we take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Simply pack them up and let us do the legwork.
Q. How can I ensure the safety of my negatives during shipment to Digital Converters?
We understand sending off your negatives can feel a bit like sending a piece of your heart in the post. To keep your negatives safe, we recommend packing them securely in a padded envelope or a small box, using bubble wrap or similar protective materials. You might also consider using a tracked or signed-for delivery service for that extra piece of mind. Rest assured, once your negatives arrive at Digital Converters, they're handled with the utmost care and attention they deserve, from arrival to return.
Q. How secure are my negatives with Digital Converters?
Your treasures are in safe hands. From the moment they arrive to when we send them back, they're treated with the utmost care and security. We understand they're irreplaceable and do everything in our power to protect them, ensuring peace of mind alongside quality conversions.
Q. Can I track the progress of my conversion order?
We keep you in the loop with regular updates at each step. You'll know exactly where your negatives are in the conversion process, giving you peace of mind and making the wait a bit easier.
Q. Will I get my original negatives back after conversion?
Absolutely! We believe your negatives are precious, so we make sure to return all your originals after the conversion process is complete. At Digital Converters, we treat your items with the care they deserve, ensuring they're returned to you in the same condition we received them, ready for safekeeping.
Q. How can I share my newly digitised photos?
Once your negatives have been converted, sharing your photos is a breeze. Whether you're posting them online, sending them via email, or creating digital albums, the options are endless. With Digital Converters, you get high-quality images stored on either USB stick, DVD or in the Cloud that are easy to share with friends and family, making it simple to relive those precious moments together.
Q. Is there a limit to the size or type of negatives Digital Converters can handle?
We pride ourselves on being quite versatile. From 35mm to medium format, and even large format negatives, we've got the equipment and know-how to handle a wide range of sizes and types. Our team is skilled at adapting to the needs of each project, ensuring we can convert nearly any negative you have into a stunning digital photo. Please note, ordering online is for 35mm negatives only. For 110, 120, 126, 127, please get in touch for a quote.
Q. What makes Digital Converters the best choice for converting my negatives?
Beyond our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, it's our dedication to high quality conversions and customer satisfaction that sets us apart. We go the extra mile to ensure your digital images exceed expectations. Our friendly team is passionate about preserving memories, and we're committed to providing a service that's both reliable and easy to use. With Digital Converters, you're not just converting negatives; you're preserving your history for generations to come.
Q. Can you restore damaged or faded negatives?
Yes, indeed! Faded or damaged negatives require a delicate touch and a bit of expertise to bring back to life. At Digital Converters, our technicians use advanced restoration techniques to repair damage and enhance faded images. This process can breathe new life into your photos, making them as vivid as the day they were taken. While DIY methods might offer some level of improvement, they often fall short of professional restoration capabilities. Trust us to rejuvenate your memories with care and precision.
Q. What if I have a mix of negatives and slides? Can Digital Converters handle both?
Absolutely, we're a one-stop-shop for all your conversion needs. Whether you have negatives, slides, or a combination of both, we're equipped to handle them. Our team treats each format with the same level of professional care, ensuring you receive high-quality digital images no matter the original medium. This means you can consolidate your conversion needs, saving time and hassle while ensuring consistency across all your digitised memories.