Convert Camcorder Tapes to DVD

Some of our most treasured memories are kept on old camcorder tapes that just sit in the attic, never to be played again.

But you can change that by converting your camcorder tapes to DVD! Transfer your camcorder tapes to DVDs in just two simple and watch your home videos again and again.

To see the other formats you can convert to, see our Camcorder to Digital page.

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How transferring camcorder tapes to DVD works.

Our camcorder to DVD transfer process is simple, reliable,
and trusted by thousands of happy customers

Step 1

Send them

After you place your order, we’ll help you arrange a courier collection or you can post your camcorder tapes to us.

Step 1

Save them

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your order. Our specialists will carefully begin work to preserve and convert your camcorder tapes to DVDs.

Step 1

Savour them

Your new DVD versions (as well as your original camcorder tapes) are sent safely to you. After that, it’s over to you to enjoy your old memories made new!

You’ll always know where your camcorder tapes are, when we’re working on them,
and when you can expect to get them back.

What type
of conversion
should you

How to choose the right
conversion for your camcorder tapes.


Camcorder tapes to DVD

Your original camcorder tapes converted to DVD. You’ll be able to play it on any DVD player or other disc drive.

What you get
Each of your camcorder videos on a separate DVD
What to order
You only need to order one DVD set to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Watching on the telly

Your camcorder tapes converted to USB memory stick. Plug in to your computer (or any other device with a USB port) and you can play, save, and copy your files.

What you get
All the video from your camcorder tapes on USB stick
What to order
You only need to order one USB to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Watching on the computer or Smart TV

Your camcorder conversions, stored safely online. We’ll upload your files to the cloud and send you a private access link, so you can watch and download your videos instantly, from anywhere.

What you get
Your camcorder tapes converted to digital files to download
What to order
You only need to order one cloud backup link to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Sharing with friends and family

What you can expect from us.

Your memories are irreplaceable - this is how we’ll take care of them

Free blanks

Free blanks

You’ll never have to pay for sending blank tapes. If we find any blanks in your order, we’ll refund them ASAP.
Free return

Free return

Your originals are priceless. We’ll send them back to you free of charge along with your conversions.
Free repairs

Free repairs

Our technicians can fix most problems and will always try their best to repair any damaged media you send us.
Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

More conversions, more savings! You can get up to 30% off, depending on how many tapes you’re converting.
Quality equipment

Quality equipment

The best conversions are made using the best equipment. What else would you expect us to use for your memories?
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

You’ll be updated via email when your order arrives and again when it is sent back to you. You can check on the status of your order at any time using our real-time order tracker.

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Transfer Camcorder tapes to DVD.

It's safe to say that our old camcorder tapes can hold some of life's best memories, whether it's getting together with the family to watch old camcorder films or 'enjoying' clips from friends' holidays, weddings, or parties.

However, as the years pass, fewer people than ever still have their old camcorders or the appropriate video players on which to watch the recordings. As a result, these outdated tapes are gradually degrading, and the memories they hold are disappearing.

The easiest way to preserve and enjoy those priceless moments is to have the tapes from your camcorder converted to DVD format.

Since the beginning of Digital Converters, we have transferred hundreds of thousands of hours of footage from camcorder video tapes to DVD. This is one of the most common types of media that we convert. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced technology, the best technicians, and, happily, a shameless love of travelling down memory lane.

With Digital Converters your cherished memories couldn't be in better hands!

Examples of our video tape conversions.

Nothing beats seeing old memories remade for today

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Q. How do I convert camcorder tapes to DVD?
Converting camcorder tapes to DVD at home involves connecting your camcorder (if you still have it) to a computer or a DVD recorder, capturing the video content, and then using DVD authoring software to create a DVD with menus, chapters, and other features. Follow these steps:

a. Connect your camcorder to the computer or DVD recorder using appropriate cables.

b. Capture the video content using video capture software.

c. Edit and enhance the video if desired.

d. Use DVD authoring software to create a DVD project with menus and chapters.

e. Burn the project onto a blank DVD using a DVD burner.

Alternatively, you may find it cheaper and easier to use our Camcorder to DVD conversion service!
Q. Can you convert different camcorder tape formats to DVD?
Yes, we can convert all camcorder tape formats like Super8, Hi8, MiniDV, and more to DVD. If you have another format not listed here, please contact us, as we may still be able to convert it.
Q. Is there specialised software for converting camcorder tapes to DVD?
Yes, there are various video capture and DVD authoring software options available. Some well-known options include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Roxio Creator, and Nero.

At Digital Converters we use professional grade software to ensure the highest quality extraction, and also to allow us to improve the video and audio quality of your original video recordings.
Q. Can I convert camcorder tapes to DVD myself or should I seek professional help?
You can convert camcorder tapes to DVD yourself if you have the required equipment and software. However, many people no longer have their old camcorders, nor video players capable of playing them back, and purchasing these is often not cheap. Additionally, if you're unfamiliar with video editing and DVD authoring, seeking professional help can ensure higher-quality results.

Our Camcorder to DVD service is usually the far more cost-effective option, and you’ll also receive your conversions in a beautiful presentation box with printed DVD, so why not give us a try?
Q. How can I ensure the best video quality when converting camcorder tapes to DVD?
To ensure good video quality, use a high-quality video capture device, capture in the highest resolution possible, and avoid excessive compression during DVD authoring.

We only use the highest grade video captures and lowest compression when creating DVDs from your Camcorder tapes.
Q. Can you add titles, chapters, and menus to the DVD during conversion?
Yes, our DVD authoring software allows us to create customised menus, add titles, and create chapters to make navigation easier for you. If you have any special requests, please let us know.
Q. What file format should I choose for camcorder tapes on DVD?
Most home-level DVD authoring software will convert to MPEG-2 format when creating DVDs. However, we only use pro-level MP4 files when converting, to ensure the highest quality and compatibility with the most playback devices.
Q. Are there any legal considerations when converting camcorder tapes to DVD?
Not really - converting personal camcorder tapes to DVD for personal use is entirely legal, and the formats were not used for commercial releases. What would be illegal, is if you recorded a band’s live performance and then converted the video to DVD and distributed or sold this. We would not be able to convert such recordings for you either.
Q. Can you enhance the audio quality during conversion to DVD?
Yes, we will always try to enhance the audio quality during the editing process by adjusting levels, reducing noise, and applying audio effects before authoring the DVD.
Q. What is the impact of tape age and condition on the quality of camcorder to DVD conversion?
Older or deteriorating tapes may have quality issues that can affect the final DVD. Cleaning and repairing tapes before conversion can help mitigate this, but please don’t attempt this yourself, as someone with no prior experience of this may damage the tape. We’re vastly experienced at cleaning up old tapes and have specialised equipment to do just this.