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Our Story

Meet the memory

We’re a small-but-mighty team of editors, organisers, and techies with a soft spot for nostalgia.

Based in beautiful North Yorkshire, our HQ is a busy old place. Always lots to do, but that’s just how we like it.

Every day, we receive, restore, and revive more boxes of memories.

Every day, we make someone’s day.

There’s no such thing as a bad day when you get to say that!

Looking back on our own memories.

From humble beginnings in co-founder James’ bedroom in 2015 to a 3,000 sqft warehouse today, we’ve had quite the journey!

Together, we (co-founders Sean and James and Director Mark) have built the UK’s first-choice digital conversion company. That’s according to 5,000+ five-star reviews, at least.

In between travel, grad schemes, and other exciting moments, we’ve all done our fair of the fun work and the ugly work.

We’re very pleased to say that it’s paid off so far!


Growing quickly but keeping perspective.

Today, we’re converting over 300,000 hours of video and audio every year, breathing new life into old memories for countless people.

Our team’s grown quickly - doubling every year since 2018! - but we’ve never lost sight of how important the job at hand is:

Keeping people’s precious memories alive.

It’s a big responsibility, to have people trust their priceless moments in our hands, but it’s one we’re proud to take on.

We might have been growing quickly, but we’ll never be too busy to help you with a conversion.

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