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Protect your media archives with specialist conversions.

Keep your history alive by converting cine film, videotape, and audio archives to digital.

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growing problem.

If your business has a media archive, you won’t need us to tell you just how much work it takes to maintain and manage. The older your assets get, the more work you need to do.

That’s why organisations like Sony, BBC, and the NHS use our sister company Legacy Technologies to migrate their archives to flexible, reliable digital formats.

What can you digitise?

Make old media new again.

Cine Film archives

Scanning your films frame-by-frame in 4K, we produce the highest-quality conversions possible. Cracked or dirty film? No problem. Our wet-gate technology improves quality and restores damage.

Videotape archives

U-matic, Betacam, Digibeta, VHS, Mini DV, or other formats, it’s no problem! Your conversions will be clearer than ever, thanks to advanced noise reduction, deinterlacing and upscaling processes.

Audio Tape archives

Quality matters so much with audio. Whether you’ve got quarter-inch, DAT, optical media, or another format, you’ll get lossless captures in a variety of formats with Digital Converters.

Why businesses are
digitising their archives.

Archival media is priceless, don’t lose it!



Physical media deteriorate over time, so their content needs protecting and preserving.


Physical media can contain sensitive content. Converting your archives gives your collection greater security.


Archival footage has many commercial uses - but that value is locked away without access to digital versions.


Physical media demand dedicated storage. Free yourself from the stress and cost of storage space.

Four steps to digitising your old media.

Take stock

We’ll assess what’s in your archive, including its size, variety and condition.

Make plan

Together, we’ll work out the perfect, personalised plan for digitising your archive.

Get to work

Our team gets to work on your bespoke plan, digitising your archives with care and skill.

Think ahead

Learn to self-manage your new digital archive with our support and training.

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Your business is unique, which means your assets are unique. That’s why you need a bespoke plan, not a cookie-cutter package. You’ll never be sold a service you don’t need if you choose Legacy Technologies.

If you’d like to work with us on digitising your archive footage, it all starts with a phone call or email.

There’s no obligation, no buzzword bingo, and definitely no aggressive sales pitch. Just an honest chat with one of our friendly team to work out what you need.

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