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Convert Camcorder Tapes to Digital

Some of our best memories are stored on old camcorder tapes.

Convert camcorder tapes to digital formats in two simple steps and you can enjoy those memories all over again, forever.

Please see our Camcorder to DVD and Camcorder to USB pages if you're interested in converting to these formats.

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How camcorder to digital transfer works.

Our camcorder to digital transfer process is simple, reliable,
and trusted by thousands of happy customers

Step 1

Send them

After you place your order, we’ll help you arrange a courier collection or you can post your camcorder tapes to us.

Step 1

Save them

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your order. Our specialists will carefully begin work to preserve and digitise your camcorder tapes.

Step 1

Savour them

Your new digital versions (as well as your original camcorder tapes) are sent safely to you. After that, it’s over to you to enjoy your old memories made new!

You’ll always know where your camcorder tapes are, when we’re working on them,
and when you can expect to get them back.

What type
of conversion
should you

How to choose the right
conversion for your camcorder tapes.

Your original videos, converted and written onto a DVD. You’ll be able to play it on any DVD player or other disc drive.

What you get
Each of your camcorder videos on a separate DVD
What to order
You only need to order one DVD set to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Watching on the telly

Your camcorder tapes converted to USB memory stick. Plug in to your computer (or any other device with a USB port) and you can play, save, and copy your files.

What you get
All the video from your camcorder tapes on USB stick
What to order
You only need to order one USB to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Watching on the computer or Smart TV

Camcorder tapes to Digital Files

Your camcorder conversions, stored safely online. We’ll upload your digital files to the cloud and send you a private access link, so you can watch and download your videos instantly, from anywhere.

What you get
Your camcorder tapes converted to digital files to download
What to order
You only need to order one cloud backup link to get all your camcorder conversions
Perfect for…
Sharing with friends and family

What you can expect from us.

Your memories are irreplaceable - this is how we’ll take care of them

Free blanks

Free blanks

You’ll never have to pay for sending blank tapes. If we find any blanks in your order, we’ll refund them ASAP.
Free return

Free return

Your originals are priceless. We’ll send them back to you free of charge along with your conversions.
Free repairs

Free repairs

Our technicians can fix most problems and will always try their best to repair any damaged media you send us.
Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

More conversions, more savings! You can get up to 30% off, depending on how many tapes you’re converting.
Quality equipment

Quality equipment

The best conversions are made using the best equipment. What else would you expect us to use for your memories?
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

You’ll be updated via email when your order arrives and again when it is sent back to you. You can check on the status of your order at any time using our real-time order tracker.

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Thousands of people have trusted us with their memories already.
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Turn Camcorder tapes to digital formats.

Whether it's getting together to watch old camcorder videos with the family, or “enjoying” clips from friends’ holidays, weddings or parties, it's safe to say our old camcorder tapes can hold some of life’s best memories.

But as time has passed, less people than ever still have their old camcorders or the right video players to watch the tapes on, and these old tapes are gradually breaking down and the memories they hold are fading.

Converting Camcorder tapes to digital is the perfect way to preserve and relive those precious moments.

Camcorder video tapes are one of the mediums we convert most, and we've digitised hundreds of thousands of hours of these tapes since we started Digital Converters. We’ve got the best equipment, the most highly-trained technicians, and thankfully, a shameless love for nostalgia and taking trips down memory lane!

Try Digital Converters - your memories couldn’t be in safer hands!

Examples of our video tape conversions.

Nothing beats seeing old memories remade for today

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Q. What is the best way to convert camcorder tapes to digital formats?
The best way to convert camcorder tapes to digital is to use a professional service such as Digital Converters. To convert camcorder tapes to digital we connect a camcorder or playback deck to a professional-grade analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and capture the footage using video capture software on a computer. We then edit the captured video to improve the video and audio quality, cut out any silent or blank parts, and then export it to the digital format of your choice. It is doable on a DIY basis, but the cost to acquire the equipment and software can be high, meaning it is only really worth doing if you’re converting a large number of camcorder tapes. Even then, the quality you can expect is not as good as a professional digitising company such as ourselves can achieve. With 1 camcorder tape conversion costing just £14.99, and as little as £8.39 when converting larger numbers of tapes, it is usually a much more cost effective solution.
Q. What do I need to convert camcorder tapes to digital format?
A camcorder or playback deck compatible with your tape format, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a computer with video capture and editing software, various cables for connections, and enough storage space are all required.
Q. Is a professional service available to convert camcorder tapes to digital?
Yes, professional services such as Digital Converters specialise in digitising camcorder tapes. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure high-quality conversions at a great price.
Q. Which digital formats can camcorder tapes be converted to?
We offer several destination formats for camcorder tape conversion - there is camcorder to digital, which means your tapes are converted to computer files for you to download and use in any way you wish. Then there’s camcorder to DVD transfers enabling you to watch your old videos on any DVD player, and finally camcorder to USB, in which we convert your camcorder tapes into files and put them on a USB for you to use.
Q. What steps are required to convert camcorder tapes to digital formats?
Connecting the camcorder or playback deck to an ADC, capturing the footage onto your computer, editing if necessary, creating menus if you’re making a DVD, and finally exporting the edited video in your preferred digital format completes the process.

However, if you use Digital Converters service, in addition to the above steps, we will also put both the video and audio through several rounds of treatment to remove any imperfections and improve the overall quality.
Q. How can I improve the quality of digital camcorder tape conversions?
Before converting, tapes must be as clean and in as good condition as possible. You should then use high-quality analog-to-digital converters and video capture settings that are comparable to the original.

At Digital Converters, we are experts at dealing with tapes in poor condition, as we’re able to use our many years of experience and our professional grade software and hardware to salvage content from degraded camcorder tapes.
Q. Which video capture software is best for converting camcorder tapes?
Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas are all popular programmes. These programmes can capture, edit, and export video.

However, the quality achieved by using home user level software such as these can leave a lot to be desired, especially if the user is not experienced and does not have high end hardware too.
Q. How long does it take to convert camcorder tapes to digital formats?
Conversion time varies depending on the length of the tapes, the speed of your capture equipment, any required editing, and the digital format selected. If you utilise our camcorder tape conversion services, we offer a 1 week turnaround for small orders.
Q. What are the advantages of converting camcorder tapes to digital?
Converting camcorder tapes to digital preserves your memories in a modern format, allows for easy playback on digital devices, allows for editing and customisation, and improves the durability and accessibility of your content.
Q. Are there any legal issues to consider when converting copyrighted camcorder tapes?
Converting copyrighted content without permission is against the law, so make sure that you own the content or that you are only using it for personal purposes.

At Digital Converters we will only convert home videos or other non-copyrighted material.
Q. How much does it cost to convert camcorder tapes to digital?
The cost depends on the number of tapes, but 1 tape will cost around £14.99, reducing to £8.39 for bulk orders. We then charge £8 for converting camcorder tapes to USB, £4 for transferring camcorder tapes to DVD, and £8 for converting camcorder to digital files and storing these for you to download.
Q. What are the best storage options for my conversions?
To ensure long-term preservation, keep your digital files on dependable external hard drives, cloud storage, or archival-grade discs.
Q. Can I play the converted camcorder digital files on multiple devices?
Yes, converted digital files are usually compatible with a wide range of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.