Convert Cassette to USB

Your old audio cassette tapes have got a lot of life left in them but you probably don't have an old cassette deck to play them on.

Instead, you can convert your cassettes to USBs in two simple steps and they’ll last another lifetime (or longer)!

See our cassettes to CD page if you'd like to convert to that format, or cassettes to digital to see all formats.

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How our cassette to USB conversion process works..

Our cassette to USB transfer process is simple, reliable, and trusted by thousands of happy customers

Step 1

Send them

After you order, we’ll email you to arrange a courier collection. If you’d rather send your cassettes directly, we’ll also explain how to post them to us in North Yorkshire.

Step 1

Save them

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your cassette tapes. Our specialists will carefully begin work to preserve and digitise your memories.

Step 1

Savour them

You’ll always know where your cassettes are, when we’re working on them, and when you can expect to get them back.

You’ll always know where your tapes are, when we’re working on them, and when you can expect to get them back.

What type
of conversion
should you

How to choose the right
conversion for your cassette tapes..


Cassette Tape to USB

Your cassettes transferred to a USB memory stick. Plug in to your computer (or any other device with a USB port) and you can play, save, and copy your digital files.

What you get
All your tapes on one USB stick
What to order
You only need to order one USB stick to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Listening on the computer

Your audio cassettes converted to disc. You’ll be able to play it on any CD player, DVD player, or other disc drive.

What you get
Your audio on at least one disc
What to order
You only need to order one CD set to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Listening on the stereo, in the car or on a computer

Your cassette tapes stored online. We’ll upload your files to the cloud and send you a private access link, so you can stream and download with no limits.

What you get
Your conversions as computer audio files
What to order
You only need to order one cloud backup link to get all your conversions
Perfect for…
Sharing far and wide

What you can expect from us.

Your memories are irreplaceable - this is how we’ll take care of them

Free blanks

Free blanks

You’ll never have to pay for sending blank cassettes. If we find any blanks in your order, we’ll refund them ASAP.
Free return

Free return

Your originals are priceless. We’ll send them back to you free of charge along with your conversions.
Free repairs

Free repairs

Our technicians can fix most problems and will always try their best to repair any damaged media you send us.
Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

More conversions, more savings! You can get up to 30% off, depending on how many cassette tapes you’re converting.
Quality equipment

Quality equipment

The best conversions are made using the best equipment. What else would you expect us to use for your memories?
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

You’ll be updated via email when your order arrives and again when it is sent back to you. You can check on the status of your order at any time using our real-time order tracker.

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The simple way to
convert cassette tapes to USB.

Whether it’s your teenage band’s first album, a chat with a grandparent, or another precious memory stored on cassette, old recordings are worth keeping alive.

Cassette tapes deteriorate over time, which means the quality of their recordings - and the memories they contain - can fade.

Converting audio cassettes to USB restores and preserves those memories, but it isn’t a quick or easy job. In fact, it needs some specific equipment and skills.

Converting old audio cassettes to USB is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories and relive them.

We’re proud to help people beat the technical trap of converting their old media and keep their memories alive. With many thousands of hours of audio conversions under our belt, your old cassettes are in safe hands.

We’d love to preserve more memories. Would you?

Examples of our audio cassette to USB conversions.


If you've ever recorded on cassette, you will have had to accept that plenty of hums, crackles, and hisses would end up in your recording. Our technicians have tools and techniques that can cut all these unwanted noises down significantly.


Equalisation and levelling

One of the main ways cassettes deteriorate is through changes in their ‘signal strength’. You’ll know this has happened if the volume or bass changes from section to section. We can level this inconsistency out and restore the audio to its former glory.



Q. What is involved in converting cassette tapes to USB?
Converting cassette tapes to USB involves transferring the audio content from the magnetic tape of a cassette to a digital format, typically an MP3 or WAV file, stored on a USB drive. This process requires specialised equipment to play the cassette and capture its audio output, which is then digitised using audio conversion software. At Digital Converters, we use high-quality playback devices and sophisticated software to ensure the best possible audio quality. Our professional service ensures that the nuances and quality of the original recording are retained, offering a more cost-effective and efficient solution than DIY methods.
Q. Is it worth converting my cassette tapes to digital?
Converting your cassette tapes to digital is definitely worth considering, especially to preserve the audio content before the tapes degrade further. Digital formats are more durable, accessible, and easy to share. Additionally, by converting with a professional service like Digital Converters, you ensure that the conversion is of the highest quality, maintaining the integrity of the original recording. This process not only preserves your audio but also enhances it for future enjoyment.
Q. Can I transfer music from a cassette to a USB stick myself?
Transferring music from a cassette to a USB stick by yourself involves several steps. Firstly, you need a cassette player with an audio output and a computer with an audio input. You'll also need audio recording software to capture and edit the audio. The process involves connecting the cassette player to the computer, playing the tape, and recording the output in real-time. However, this DIY method can be time-consuming and may not yield the best quality results. As professionals at Digital Converters, we have advanced equipment and expertise to handle these conversions, offering superior sound quality and saving you the hassle and time.
Q. What are the risks of converting cassette tapes by myself?
Converting cassette tapes by yourself poses several risks, especially if you're not familiar with the process. These include potential damage to the tapes due to improper handling, subpar audio quality due to inadequate equipment, and the possibility of missing parts of the recording. Professional services like Digital Converters mitigate these risks by using specialised equipment and experienced technicians, ensuring a safe and high-quality conversion.
Q. Can old cassette tapes still be converted?
Yes, old cassette tapes can often still be converted, even if they have signs of wear and tear. The key is careful handling and using the right equipment. At Digital Converters, we have experience in dealing with aged tapes and employ techniques to minimise damage during playback. Professional conversion services can often retrieve audio from tapes that might be challenging to play on standard equipment, making it a more reliable choice than attempting a DIY conversion.
Q. What audio formats can you convert a cassette tape to?
At Digital Converters, we can convert cassette tapes to USB but also other digital formats including MP3 and CD. These formats are widely used and compatible with most digital devices, including computers, smartphones, and media players. Our conversion process ensures that the digital files maintain the audio quality of the original cassette, often enhancing it to reduce noise and improve clarity. Choosing a professional service like ours ensures you get the most suitable format for your needs with the highest quality result.
Q. How long does it take to convert a cassette tape to USB?
The time it takes to convert a cassette tape to USB varies depending on the length of the tape and the condition it's in. Generally, the conversion process is done in real-time, meaning a 60-minute tape will take about an hour to convert. However, at Digital Converters, we also factor in time for quality checks, repairs and enhancements, which can extend the process. Despite this, our professional service is designed to be efficient - ensuring a timely turnaround of 7 days from receiving your cassettes - without compromising on quality.
Q. What should I do if I find a cassette tape but don't have a player to check its contents?
If you find a cassette tape but lack a player to check its contents, you can still send it to us at Digital Converters for conversion. We have the necessary equipment to play and assess the tape's contents. We can then convert the audio to a digital format, allowing you to access and listen to it on modern devices. This service is particularly useful for rediscovering lost or forgotten recordings, ensuring that your memories are preserved in a format that's accessible and enduring.
Q. Is the audio quality of a converted cassette tape good?
The audio quality of a converted cassette tape largely depends on the original tape's condition and the conversion process. At Digital Converters, we use advanced technology and techniques to ensure the best possible audio quality. Our professionals can enhance the sound by reducing noise, adjusting levels, and repairing damaged sections to a certain extent. While we cannot improve beyond the original recording's quality, our service ensures the highest fidelity reproduction, far surpassing the results of standard home equipment.
Q. How do you handle damaged or fragile tapes?
Handling damaged or fragile tapes requires special care. At Digital Converters, we have experienced technicians who assess each tape's condition and employ appropriate techniques to minimise the risk of further damage. This may include repairing broken tapes, cleaning dirty or mouldy tapes, and using playback equipment that is gentle on old or fragile tapes. Our expertise in handling these delicate conversions provides a safer option compared to DIY methods, where the risk of irreparable damage is higher.
Q. What should I do to prepare my cassette tapes for conversion?
To prepare your cassette tapes for conversion, first ensure they are in good physical condition. If they are dusty or dirty, gently clean them with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or magnetic fields, and please do not open them and attempt to fix any damaged tape yourself - we can handle this for you. It's also helpful to label the tapes or provide any relevant information, such as the preferred order of conversion or specific tracks to focus on. When you choose a professional service like Digital Converters, we guide you through the preparation process and handle your tapes with utmost care, ensuring the best possible outcome.
Q. How do you ensure the privacy and security of my recordings?
At Digital Converters, we take privacy and security very seriously. All conversions are conducted in a secure, monitored environment. We have strict protocols in place to ensure that your recordings are only accessed by authorised personnel for the purpose of conversion. After the conversion is complete, we securely store or return the original tapes and the digital files are delivered to you via secure methods. Choosing a professional service ensures that your personal recordings are handled with confidentiality and care.
Q. Can I convert a cassette tape to disc as well as USB?
Yes, in addition to converting cassette tapes to USB, we can also convert them to CDs. This option is ideal for those who prefer physical copies or wish to play the recordings on CD players. Our conversion process includes creating high-quality CDs that preserve the audio fidelity of the original cassette. As with USB conversions, opting for a professional service like ours ensures a high-quality, reliable conversion process.
Q. How much does it cost to convert a cassette tape to USB?
The cost of converting a cassette tape to USB varies depending on the length of the tape and any additional services required, such as track separation or noise reduction. At Digital Converters, we offer competitive pricing while ensuring high-quality conversions. Our pricing structure is transparent, and we provide quotes based on your specific needs. Utilising our professional services can be more cost-effective in the long run, considering the equipment and time required for a DIY conversion.
Q. Can you enhance the sound quality of a cassette recording during conversion?
Yes, at Digital Converters, we can enhance the sound quality of a cassette recording during the conversion process. Our technicians use advanced software to reduce background noise, hiss, and other audio imperfections. While we cannot add detail that wasn't in the original recording, we can significantly improve the listening experience by cleaning and optimising the audio track. This expertise in audio enhancement is a key advantage of choosing a professional service.
Q. What happens if my cassette is too damaged to be converted?
If your cassette is too damaged to be converted, we first assess if any repair is possible. In some cases, we can fix minor issues like broken tapes or splicing. However, if the tape is too deteriorated for a successful conversion, we will inform you and discuss possible alternatives. Our goal at Digital Converters is to provide the best possible outcome, but we also maintain transparency about the limitations of what can be achieved with severely damaged tapes.
Q. Can you convert non-music audio, like personal recordings or interviews, from cassettes?
Absolutely, we can convert a wide range of audio content from cassettes, including personal recordings, interviews, lectures, and more. Our conversion process treats all types of recordings with the same level of care and attention to detail, ensuring the digital files are a faithful reproduction of the original audio. This versatility is another reason why choosing a professional service like Digital Converters is beneficial.
Q. How do I send my cassettes to you for conversion?
To send your cassettes to us for conversion, we will either arrange a courier to collect from you, or you can send them via a reliable postal service. We recommend packing the cassettes securely to prevent damage during transit and sending via recorded, insured delivery. Once we receive your tapes, we'll begin the conversion process and keep you updated throughout. Our customer service team can provide detailed instructions and assistance in preparing and sending your cassettes.
Q. Can you return the original cassettes after conversion?
Yes, after the conversion process, we always return the original cassettes to you. We understand that these tapes often have sentimental value, and we handle them with the utmost care. Upon completion of the conversion, we securely package your original cassettes and send them back to you, ensuring they are kept safe during transit. This aspect of our service is part of our commitment to respecting your memories and the importance of these physical artefacts.