Summer memories are on our minds at DC as we acclimatise to the heatwave that has swept the country. Those days at school spent lying on the playing field, juice boxes and segments of oranges given out during sports day, or even those lunchtimes spent practising your role as a tree in the school play.

The “summer holidays” are coming, and we want to help you reminisce those good old school days as well. Whether it be your own school days or your children we have discounts (and news) for you.

Happy Days!

This year really has felt like a damp squib with Covid constantly lingering over our heads. Especially now with the news that many school’s adorable plays have been axed.

So, to help bring back that joy of the end of term plays and summer beginning, we are running a promotional discount (until 05/07/21) with the code: happydays. So, get 30% off your order and bring back those memories of embarrassing school plays, long summer evenings and times spent with friends this July.

…It’s Almost Time.

I know, I know, I know. We have been saying this for ages, but our new website is just around the corner. And, this time. You can be one of the first to have a sneak peek:

That’s right. We’re turning bright, bold and cheesy! Memories have always been at the heart of Digital Converters, and we wanted to capture that heartwarming, embarrassing and retro warmth captured in your analogue videos. So, here it is! Warm greens, deep juicy oranges and simplicity in its finest.

The structure of our website is the same. However, we hope that ordering will be more accessible by bringing more information to our ordering pages.

Many of you will be familiar with our two-step ordering system. We have kept our simple system, but you will notice that more information will be available on our ordering page to prevent minor mishaps.

We will also have the option to create an account to help keep track of your order and have a faster checkout when you come back again.

Share Your Memories

Memories, memories, memories. We don’t just want to convert them – we want to see them too! Retro videos are a trend that is just not dying in this social era. One up those younger relatives by sharing your authentic videotapes on social media – and don’t forget to tag us in your post!

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