Alright, I'm presuming you've just gone into a loft or garage and found a box full of reels. They're dirty, they smell like your grandma's house, and what's more, they are taking up a lot of space! But, here's the thing - cine reels are historical now, they have a precious sentiment to them, and not many people own them anymore.

So, you're conflicted. There is no reason to keep your cine reels because your projector is caput, and your films are only collecting dust. But, these cine reels are a sentimental time capsule of your family history.

Here's where I come in; let me persuade you why you should transfer film to digital (and trust me, it's easier than it sounds).

1. Your reels are ageing!

Every physical object has its hay day, and unfortunately, the days of reel filming has long gone. Your reels are going stale by the day. They are creasing, curling and fading. You might find your films are growing mould if you have stored them in a slightly damp space. With every second, your videos are losing quality.

So, preserve your memories before time takes them away. Even film archives are now going digital to preserve our history of cinema!

2. Protect your memories forever

Twenty years ago, we would have scoffed at the thought of saving your most precious photos or videos on a computer. But, technology has improved enormously, and the computer is here to stay. You can protect your memories from losing quality or being physically lost by digitising them and saving the videos on a USB or cloud download. Both options give you the chance to save your videos onto your computer hard drive as a backup.

3. Share your memories with anyone and everyone

Once you have a digital copy of your cine transfers, you can make as many new copies as you want. Everyone can share your videos with no worries about a family member keeping the reels for themselves. It's a win-win situation! You have the freedom to remind your friend of that embarrassing haircut they had at a wedding, or share your favourite memories of your mother after she passed away.

4. You don't need a projector

The best part about having your videos saved on USB and cloud is that you can watch your videos on any device. Get rid of that mouldy old projector that doesn't even work! You can manage your videos on a Smart TV, mobile phone, computer, tablet, or any device that supports videos. You can even watch your videos wherever you want! If you are on a train and a friend asks to see your digitised cine reels - no problem! You can show them on your phone.

5. Jazz up your Instagram


Have you noticed that flare trousers and big shoes are back? Retro aesthetics are back.

Take charge of throwback Thursday by showing off your original, vintage videos on Instagram. Everyone is sure to be jealous of your cine videos and love seeing videos of your past.

6. Declutter your storage space

Digital technology is fantastic. You can save all of your cine reels onto a singular memory stick. So, finally, you can use those shelves again!  Choosing to transfer your reels to digital is one of the best hacks to spring clean your house. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to recycle your cine reels. But, you can take them to your recycling centre and use the 'Energy to Waste' tip.

7. Watch your cine reels at the highest quality

You can now digitise your cine reels in high definition with Digital Converters. We have scouted out the best cine scanners to preserve your memories at the highest quality. What's more? Our editing team can help fix any lighting or colour problems you may have. However, if you want any parts cut out of your videos, you will have to do this yourself.

Check out our blog page for advice on splicing your film before sending the reels and how to edit your videos when you receive the digital versions back.

8. It's as easy as ABC

Digital Converters have made converting your cine reels to digital as easy as counting to three. All you have to do is place an order online, pack your reels with your order number included, and post it to us. You can track your order from the moment it arrives at our warehouse, and we will send back your digital videos and reels for free!

Our simple to use service will save you time, money and hassle compared to digitising your cine reels yourself. Please see our pages Convert Cine Film to DVD, Cine Reels to USB and our main Cine to Digital Conversion pages.