It is time to get creative with those clunky, plastic movies lying around your house. There are a couple of options for you to get rid of your tapes: you can recycle VHS tapes or sell valuable videos, or you can convert VHS tapes into retro items.

Unfortunately, the first two options are a little more complicated than they should be. So, I’m here to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve researched the best and most feasible pieces you can create with your old VHS tapes. Just make sure you convert VHS tapes to digital before turning them into an artistic masterpiece.


1. Photo Frame

A gorgeous vintage piece to display on your wall. The idea is simple: remove the paper cover from a plastic VHS case, place your photo in the sleeve and then use command strips to stick the case to the wall. Amazing! You can even store other photographs inside the case.

2. Coasters

Source: Bannockburn, Author on Instructables

You can show off your favourite home movies again with these retro coasters! I hate that there is no reason to have DVD’s and tapes on your shelves anymore because streaming is so easy to do. How else do I tell people that I like Pulp Fiction?! Well, now I can stick my love for films on the coffee table with a stylish VHS coaster.

3. Bedside Lamp

Source: Pinterest

Alright, this idea is actually really cool, and the YouTube tutorial is easy to follow. If you have an extensive home movie collection, you can make multiple lamps and display them on your wall. Alternatively, these lamps sell for a decent amount of money on Etsy.

4. Clock

Source: Reel Film Cells

Time to get a little more creative by making a clock. There are a few different types of clocks that you can make with your VHS tape, depending on how fancy you want to be. The more straightforward idea uses a reel from inside the VHS; otherwise, you can show off your DIY skills with a light-up clock. (Alternatively, you could buy one of the clocks shown in the photo.)

5. Wool Dispenser

Source: mattopensource, Author from Instructables

Okay, in terms of actually putting your VHS tape to use again, using the reels inside your tape as a wool dispenser is by far the most innovative idea I have seen. Finally, you can stop your wool from tangling whilst knitting!

6. Rope/Wool

Source: A’Cloth the World from WordPress

Here we go: so, you have emptied the contents of your VHS to make your wool dispenser, but now you are left with reels of magnetic tape. Annoying, right?

Well, you can use that tape as the yarn itself! And (if you want to be proper nifty) you can even use your new wool dispenser to dispense your new plastic wool.

7. Knitted Bag

Source: Cindy from

Hold your bum cheeks with this one. So, you’ve made your wool dispenser; you’ve made your wool; and now, you can make a bag! Triple. Whammy.

(And, it looks pretty fashionable.)

Alternatively, you can make knit the strap and use the VHS tape as a clutch bag.

8. Pencil Case

Source: Lenin, Go! YouTube

Alright, let’s take it back a notch. Making a VHS pencil case is an easy solution for any kid wanting to look cool at school. If you cannot buy the hinges, you could make things even more straightforward and use the VHS case.

9. Plant Pot

Source: niftyrecyclables, Etsy

I’m not sure if using a plastic tape case is beneficial for a plant. But, it is pretty simple to make: take out all the inners of your VHS tape (maybe save the magnetic tape for wool – but who knows what you can make with tape wool), fill it with soil and small, hardy plants.

10. USB Hub

Source: Harry M, Author From Instructables

I know I said you could feasibly make all these ideas, but the USB hub is a cheeky, little bad boy that is sure to impress every man in your office. All you need is a glue gun and a soldering iron (two household essentials, if you ask me).

If these ideas are a little too creative for you, check out our recycling article on how you can donate and upcycle your VHS (without the need for a soldering iron).