Deep breath. I'm going to say it... I think Christmas might actually happen this year! 

After last year's fiasco, this year's Christmas feels special and totally unique to any other. It is a sigh of relief after the turmoil of what was Christmas 2020. This year the whole family will be back together.
So, as an apology to my brother for gifting him an expired box of chocolates in April because of London's lockdown, I have scoured the internet for unique Christmas presents. Depending on your budget, there is a gift here for everyone!

Small Christmas Presents For Under £25

Inexpensive little gifts of love. 

Create a Personal Slideshow With a Customisable Reel Viewer - £11.15

Create your own reel viewer
Digital photos have lost the fun of collecting physical memories and sharing them with friends and family. This little guy gives you the chance to contain personal and loving images for your special someone to view privately. What's more? If you have recently converted slides to digital, you can print them onto the reel!

Authentic and retro record coasters - £13.43

Upcycled record coasters
These upcycled coasters are made from the inner circle of actual vinyl records! Each set is unique and contains a variety of genres. You are sure to impress any Uncle who is a music fanatic with these coasters.

Christmas Chocolate Bar Library - £14.99

Choccy bar library

It's a nightmare to know what book to buy for a book lover... so why not buy them a series of chocolate instead? Montezuma's chocolate library offers a collection of pun inspired chocolate bars for relaxing in the corner with a good book.

"No, I don't need a bag. Thank you." - £8

Orange fishnet bag

A brilliantly helpful stocking filler. This nifty fishnet bag can scrunch up into a tiny little ball to fit in anyone's bag. I can vouch for the world that fishnet bags are the most helpful vessel for any grocery shop - you'd be surprised how much fits in there. 

A Very Aesthetically Pleasing Calendar - £11.60

A very cute calendar

Etsy is a new world for kitchen calendars. Finally, an end to cute kittens or sexy firefighter calendars sold from WH Smiths and make your kitchen look like a teenager's bedroom. Instead, treat a friend to a calendar that will match their kitchenware and wall colour by visiting Etsy. 

I've Made You A Mixtape USB Stick- £15.99


I've made you a mixtape USB

We love anything and everything retro at Digital Converters. So it's hard not to include another '90s lovers gift in our list. This USB stick is a perfect device for creating a sweet mixtape to serenade your better half! The best part? You can include photos in your mix as well. Hell! Why not make them a full-blown PowerPoint presentation to display your love?

Beautiful Sass and Belle Mugs - £9+

Lovely mugs

"Loving your muggage" is a phrase I have frequently said when visiting friends houses. But, what can I say? Am I embarrassed? No! A good mug can make a kitchen, and it definitely makes any cuppa taste 100x more comforting. 

Unique Christmas Presents for under £50

Oh, go on then—just a little treat for a loved one.


Champagne for the Nineties Lover - £59.99

Retro champers

Veuve Clicquot has designed a limited edition case for their champagne, perfect for every mixtape lover out there. You can write a personal message on the box, and there is a QR code that will take you to Veuve's very own retro playlist.

The Next Generation of Notebooks - £38.99

Fancy schmancy notebook

Do you know someone who refuses to use a laptop to take the minutes in a meeting? Well, this futuristic little book will make note-taking a doddle! Simply write onto the pages, and the writing will be saved as a PDF and sent to your cloud. Marvellous!

Adorable DIY Paper Snowglobe - £49

Adorable paper cutting kit

This paper cutting kit comes with everything a friend would need to get into the art of craft cutting. It is a beautiful little present for those who need some time for mindfulness come the new year. 

The Gift Card of Nostalgia 

Memories brought back to life

Digital Converters is a company to treasure. They can revive all of your favourite memories captured on videotapes and cine reels. Now, thanks to their gift voucher, you can treat your Mum to all her favourite memories of you growing up. Perfecto!

Lovingly crafted dog bowl - £32

The dog won't care for the dog bowl, but your friend will
Do you know someone who has to buy the crème de la crème when decorating their house? Perhaps they have one too many candles from White Company? Well, this handcrafted dog bowl (that can be personalised) will break the spell of White items coating their house. 


Socks?! Have You Not Heard The Jokes? - £46.95

All look, no scent gingerbread socks

Yes, I know socks are a joke of a Christmas present. But, trust me. If you have a son over the age of 20, he will really appreciate the gift of a good pair of socks. If your boy is not a fan of gingerbread, Happy Socks have plenty of different styles to choose from. Either way, they make a charming stocking filler.

Luxurious Presents Under £100

Time to up the ante with these presents. Luxuriate your family with these lovely gifts.

Teach Your Kids to Code With a Robot - £59.99


Sick coding robot

Buy your daughter the present we never knew we needed as a child. Artie 3000 is a cute little robot that teaches children simple coding through drawing. 

Sleek Vinyl Record Player - £94.99

Bluetooth vinyl record player

This record player not only looks sleek but can play through Bluetooth. Finally, a vinyl player with no annoying wires cluttering up the table. 

Canon Photo Printer For Those Creating Memories On The Go - £99.90

Pretty little printer

This mini printer is designed for those who love to share memories on the go. Let's say your baby walks his first steps at your Mum's house. Now, you can take a photo on your phone and print it out to stick on her fridge right there and then. Chef's kiss to this mini printer.


For Every Meal, There is an Always Pan - £85


Lush pan to decorate the kitchen

I cannot express how good this pan is for someone with little cupboard space. You can do pretty much anything with this pan: fry, saute, steam, boil, braise - anything! And, how can I not mention how good looking they are. There are plenty of colours to pick for matching your giftee's kitchen.


Cosy On Down With UGG Slippers - £80

Cosy lil slip-slaps

I'm as surprised as you are - slip slaps are back, and this time, they're cool! Slippers are cool?! You can only thank UGG for that. They are classy, snuggly, and branded. 


Gift a Night In With A Disney+ Subscription - £79.90

Disney studios

I hate to say it, but Disney+ is worth the money. They have a brilliant catalogue of shows and films to watch for the whole family. It is a virtual gift to buy those already paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime and the rest. 

Splash The Cash With Gifts Over £100

This year has been a long one. So go all out and treat your special someone to something fancy. 

Sexy in Retro Polaroid Now+ - £139.99

Sleek and sexy polaroid camera

Just look at this beauty! It is retro, sleek and has modern features worth paying the extra money. A step up from the Instax-mini, this polaroid camera has a Bluetooth feature, so there is no need to scan! 


Revival of the Retro Radio - £127

Retro Roberts radio

A classy looking radio for listening to your favourite show whilst cooking up a storm. Roberts maintains their high-quality sound with this radio. Again, the Bluetooth connection kicks this old-styled radio into the 21st Century.

Another Retro Gizmo?! Yes, But This One Is a Really Cool Keyboard - £163

Typewriter keyboard

Thank goodness someone has designed a premium keyboard that is not painted black or glowing green and red. Instead, this keyboard is crafted to perfection and replicates the feeling of typing on a typewriter. It is the gift for writers.

Smart Indoor Garden For Growing Herbs - £195.99

Woman harvesting her indoor goods
This gift is for the eco-conscious who struggle to give their plants enough light. Now, more than ever, seasonal eating is vital for cutting down our carbon miles. This greenhouse will help any giftee cut down their carbon footprint.

A SONOS Speaker Hidden as Art - £199

Speaker disguised as art
I'm being honest here, if anyone wants to buy me this, please be my guest. IKEA has teamed up with (another shouty company) SONOS to make a speaker hidden as artwork. It is a beautiful and sleek speaker that will work with any SONOS speaker already in the house.

Easy as 1-2-3 Plant Set - £135 (or £50 if you don't want to splash the cash)

Stunning plant and pot set

I treated my partner to a gift set like this last year. The plants from Patch Plants are incredibly healthy and have doubled in size since last Christmas. If you choose to buy the pots, I guarantee your giftee will receive hundreds of compliments for how good their easy to care plants look.

Still in need of more gift ideas? Check out our 52 anniversary gifts article for finding a special little gift for your special little someone.