Here we are again with another holiday in Lockdown. Only Valentine’s Day feels way more restricted due to not being allowed to venture out onto dates. Even worse, the novelty of cute date nights at home has really worn off this time and ordering a takeaway does not have the same spark it used to.

So, to stay positive this Valentine’s Day, we have compiled a list of our top 5 gifts to make your day a little more exciting and special. Hopefully, these ideas will help you get out of your date night rut:

1. Romantic Spa Day With a Care Package From Etsy

Travel restrictions mixed with the cold, dark days of Winter have made wanting a holiday at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Treat your partner to a relaxing spa day with personalised care packages created on Etsy.

These kits usually include face masks, bath salts, candles and tea bags/hot chocolate for a warming drink. The prices range from £15 to £75 depending on how many gifts you want and the quality of the items.

Here are two of the more popular gift sets available on Etsy. They are a great way to support smaller, local businesses whilst treating your loved one to something special.

Home Spa Kit (£25): The perfect gift for bath lovers.

This kit includes soy tealights, sleep spray, cocoa butter, a selection of face masks, organic tea, chocolate and bath salts.

Couple’s Spa Pamper Package (£15.99): A gift for yourself and your partner.

This kit includes 2 x face masks, 2 x eye patches, 2 x lip masks, 2 x packets of biscuits, 2 x tea bags, tea light, bath salts and face cloth.

2. Replicate That Passionate Scene From Ghost by Buying a Pottery Kit

Are you wanting to learn a new skill this Valentine’s Day? Get your hands dirty with clay-sculpting kits and learn how to create new pieces of art with your partner.

There are a few companies that now specialise in artsy packages of air-drying clay, tools and guides from around £30 to £70.

Sculpd currently has a great Valentine’s Day Kit which includes a pottery cocktail masterclass where you learn how to make a cheeky-looking pot whilst drinking espresso martinis! At £65 you receive: two packets of air-drying clay, tools, alcohol for espresso martinis and two virtual classes to teach you pottery and cocktail making.

If you want a cheaper option, then their classic Sculpd Pottery Kit is great too! It includes all the essentials needed for creating your own pottery.

3. Reminisce The Good Times by Getting Your Old Family Tapes Converted

For those of you with partners who are missing their children, then this will be the gift for you.

You can now convert VHS tapes, cine reels or slides to digital formats and preserve your memories forever with Digital Converters. This is a great way to reminisce about the better times and bring the family closer to home.

If you are pressed for time with your Valentine’s present then I recommend buying a Gift Voucher.

They start from £20 and you have the choice of a free email voucher or to have it delivered in a beautiful gift package. That way, your partner can choose which videos they want to see again and it can be a lovely present for both of you to watch at a later date.

4. Bring The Date to Your Home by Buying a Mini-Golf Kit From Plonk

This is definitely the best gift for those who want to get creative on Valentine’s Day.

The mini-golf company Plonk have now designed DIY mini-golf kits for you to build and play in the comfort of your own home. An easy way to practice putting without damaging the house!

The kits range from £6 to £50 depending on the size of your group. Their Plonk Pack for Adults is an especially brilliant buy for Valentine’s Day!

The pack includes cocktails, a large activity pack, a craft pack of scissors, pencils and glue, and 2 x vouchers to play mini-golf once out of lockdown!

5. Celebrate The Good Times With a Virtual Cocktail-Making Class

Innovation has been at the forefront of this pandemic. One of the newest and trendiest ways to satisfy the public’s need for bars has been virtual cocktail masterclasses.

These classes will send you the equipment and alcohol needed to follow the session online.

Boozyevents is a simple website for ordering the right masterclass for you. They range from £34.50 per person to £53 per person depending on how many cocktail recipes you want to learn.

Mixology is another intuitive company that was famous for its in-person cocktail classes before they moved to virtual lessons. You can choose to be in group classes or have private ones. The only downside is that the classes are only taught on Fridays.


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