Finally, after six months of living in the dark, the office windows and doors are open. As I write this, fresh spring air is breezing through the office, and I have not felt more excited for the coming bank holidays. But, before then, it is time to prepare for the holidays with a spot of spring cleaning.

To be honest, as soon as the sun hit my windows, spring cleaning began at my house. I have cleared my garage, and it won’t be long until the attic is dusted. If you are also planning to do a touch of spring cleaning, we have some news for you.

Are tapes cluttering up your space?

Digital Converters are here to help you spring clean! Save yourself a box full of room by converting your tapes to digital. You can preserve all your memories onto a singular memory stick - or get rid of any physical material and use a cloud download.

Use the discount code Spring20 to save 20% off your spring-cleaning order.

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Did you know the mould growing on your tapes is a fungal infection that can spread?

Mould is the most common problem for videotapes not playing and the video looking distorted. This Spring, we recommend checking on your videotapes. One mouldy tape can destroy your whole collection if it is not isolated and stored correctly.

Our blog page is full of helpful spring-cleaning guides, from recycling VHS tapes to repairing mouldy tapes. This last month, we have explored whether grading tapes is worth the hassle and how to know whether you own valuable VHS tapes.

If you have any more questions on the best way to preserve and dispose of your videotapes, cine reels, or photographs, get in touch with our customer service team.

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