DC’s business grew massively in 2020, thanks in no small part to the increased time we’ve all spent at home. Lockdown boredom certainly set in for me as I found myself digging out all sorts of old stuff from boxes just to pass the time.

And, I wasn’t the only one having a big clear out. Team DC had converted a colossal 150,000 hours of memories for our amazing customers! To put it another way, we had converted a total of 6250 days of footage. This is double the amount of footage sent in from 2019.

Gift Cards

DC are now offering gift cards in case you missed it! You can now ease any time pressure for ensuring your digitised gifts are returned in time by buying a gift card. Make it easy for your special someone to preserve their memories forever by gifting a voucher for the amount of your choice.

The power is now in the giftee’s hands to choose which memories they would like to relive again!

DC Gets a Backstage Pass

It’s clear that legacy formats are still of interest today and that Digital Converters are trusted by the very best. We converted the behind-the-scenes footage for the trailblazing pop singer Raye this last month.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clips here, and have a look at the official music video here. The music video and song are proving to be popular, with the video currently standing at almost 3 million views since being released in January 2021!

Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day is on the horizon. Gift your own mother with your favourite memories of the past by getting your childhood tapes or reels converted. To help you celebrate this day, we have a tasty 25% off discount code to get yours (or your parents’) tapes converted. Just enter “25OFF” at checkout.

Alternatively, why not treat them to one of our new gift voucher? An easy way to ensure your mum receives a gift on time!

What’s in Store for 2021?

2021 continues to be a busy time for us – we have already converted around 20,000 hours of footage this year alone!

We are planning some big improvements this year in order to increase our efficiency and handle even busier workloads. We have already brought in some improved systems for keeping you updated on your orders.

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