Isn’t it painful that camcorder tapes have trapped your childhood Christmas memories in outdated plastic?

Currently, the only nostalgic document of Christmas left to reminisce about are those meticulously written labels printed on the camcorder cases.

Filming Christmas day feels purposeless now camcorders are obsolete - ironic since we all have access to phone cameras and social media to share our day. Yet, no longer is there a need to document endless hours of unwrapping presents, overeating and Grandad falling asleep on the sofa. 

Especially come ten years and the camera you documented your day on is now unwatchable thanks to new technology.

Transfer your Christmas video to DVD

Thankfully, you can fix this doom and gloom over video technology by digitising your favourite Christmas tapes. Even though video technology is rapidly developing, the digital world is only growing bigger. Future-proof your memories by transferring your tapes to DVD or digital.

Recapturing your memories is simple: record your videos onto a computer, tweak them on editing software and transfer them onto a device of your choice. Sounds easy when condensed down to three steps. Right?

Well…sorry to say, it’s not that simple. The equipment you need to record the tapes are expensive and hard to find. Never mind the time it takes to record videos and edit them.

Let the professionals do the work.

Fortunately, some companies can convert your camcorder tapes to digital. Digital Converters is the highest-rated digitisation service based in the UK. 

The company have developed the best machines to digitise your tapes at the highest quality. Even better, their tape specialists can repair any mouldy or snapped videos! So Christmas memories can be preserved forever (and make a very thoughtful present too).

How the service works

Digital Converters is an online service with an easy-to-use website. Place your order using their two-step process: input how many tapes to digitise and choose a device to save your videos. I recommend choosing a memory stick or cloud download. That way, you can share your videos with everyone and watch your videos anywhere.

Finally, package your tapes (including your order number) and send them their way*. Digital Converters’ hardworking team will revive your magical memories and return your originals with digital copies!

*If you want to avoid the grumpy lady working at your Post Office, make sure you add courier collection to your order!

Convert VHS tapes to Digital to begin recapturing your Christmas memories!

Given that the quality of early DVDs is now deteriorating and that more and more households don't own a DVD player due to the rise of streaming services, we now offer DVD to digital conversion services. Please visit our pages on DVD to USB and DVD to MP4 to learn how to convert DVDs to these formats.