Learn how to use Digital Converters for scanning slides, negatives and loose photos to digital.

"Digital is best" has been the rhetoric swanning around conversations for the last twenty years. In fact, the way we converse has even changed thanks to the mobile phone. Now, we live in a world where live updates are pinged to your phone rather than awaiting the six o'clock news. A world where you can quickly show a friend significant life moments from your phone's gallery.

But there is a precursor to the digital world. A life before iPhones does not exist within your organised digital gallery. As a result, you may be able to show your friend a picture of the new family baby, but you could not do the same with a baby picture of yourself.

Here's where Digital Converters comes in. You can send in all your old, printed family albums, slide carousels or strips of negatives, and we will transfer your film photos to digital. That way, you can have all your memories saved together.

Our ordering process is simple, select what you would like to convert (slides, negatives, or loose photos) and what format (USB, DVD, or cloud) you would like in return. Next, you will need to send your photographs to our warehouse, and from there, we will do the rest!

1. What is the difference between slides, negatives, and loose photos?

When ordering, you will notice that different types of film photos are categorised and have varying prices. The price difference is dependent on the length of the process involved when digitising photographs. For instance, our photo editors will take longer editing negatives compared to loose photos and slides.

To determine what type of photo you own, take a look at the images and descriptions below:

Scanning Slides (or 'transparencies')

Example of what slides look like.
Source: Brett Jordan

Slides are small in size and will have a frame around the picture. You use them in projectors for slide shows or can individually view the slides with a magnifying glass and backlight. We can convert 35mm, 110, 126, 135 films.


Example of what negatives look like.
Source: NordWood Themes

Negatives usually come in a plastic strip and have inverted colours (dark areas appear bright and vice versa). We can convert 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127 films and charge for each negative.

Loose Photos

Example of loose photographs
Source: Markus Spiske

Loose photographs are your typical printed pictures stored in photo albums. We call them 'loose' as we can only scan photographs that are not framed, mounted, or glued in albums.

2. How to send in my photographs?

Care is needed when packing your photographs. So, please contain your pictures in a secure cardboard box and include your order number when sending them to Digital Converters. To learn more, read our guide to securely packing your media.

Bear in mind that our photo technicians will try scanning slides in order unless they are not inside a slide carousel or a clearly labelled box. If you would like your pictures organised into digital folders, please separate them into different boxes or envelopes and label them. We will use the label to title the folder.

3. What happens when my order arrives at Digital Converters?

You will receive an email from us to confirm your order has arrived at the warehouse. Before scanning slides, we clean the frames to remove dust and debris. We will transfer other photos straight away. Our photo technicians preserve slides and negatives at 4000dpi and loose photos at 600dpi.

After scanning, our photo editors visually correct and improve your images. This process involves colour correcting and removing any dirt or minor scratches shown on the digital scan. Although, serious quality issues like mould or significant deterioration cannot be fixed.

4. What do I receive back?

If you paid for your order upfront, you would receive an email informing you that your order has left our warehouse and will be with you in one to two days.

Otherwise, if you have chosen to pay after completion (offered to orders over £100), you will receive an email containing your invoice. Once you have paid for your invoice, we will return your digitised media and originals to you.

Digital Converters always return your original photographs along with your digital media. Below is an explanation of what you will receive depending on each format. If you want more information on what output to choose, check out our guide to ordering a memory stick, DVD or cloud.


We will save all your photographs onto one memory stick. If you have separated them into categories, we will have organised them into labelled folders. You can copy, move, and delete the photographs on your memory stick. We recommend backing your photos onto a computer or hard drive if you lose the stick.

You can see your photos on a computer or Smart TV.


Do you want instant access to your photos? We will send your cloud link on the day we dispatch your order. No need to wait for delivery! You can access your photos on our private Dropbox account through a unique link sent via email.

Cloud downloads are perfect if you have a lot of friends/family to share the images with. Simply copy and paste the link to send the photos to others.

You can see your photos on a computer and mobile phone (or any device with access to your email account).


You will receive your photos on at least one DVD. As such, I do not recommend choosing a DVD if you order more than 1000 photos because you will receive multiple discs due to the disc's small memory space.

Nevertheless, DVDs are great for showing large groups your photographs on TV or a computer. If you would like your DVDs labelled with a specific title, please leave details in the additional comments section. Otherwise, we will name the disc 'Photo Scans' and the digital folders with the box titles.

You can see your photos on your computer or TV (with a DVD player).

If you would like to order any additional memory sticks, DVDs, or a cloud download, give us a bell or email customer service. We keep digital backups for up to 30 days.

5. What to do if you liked the service?

First and foremost, if you loved our service, please leave a review on Reviews.io, Facebook or Instagram. We love hearing back from you and seeing your converted media online! If you leave a review on our social media, give us a cheeky like or follow as well.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list for discounts, updates, and weekly blog posts. Digital Converters' newsletter is the best way to stay updated with our current offers (and even receive exclusive deals) for scanning slides.

6. What to do if you have a problem or complaint?

Digital Converters is about making your life a little bit easier. So, please get in touch with our customer service team if you have any concerns. We store your digital photographs for up to 30 days if anything goes wrong.