Ever wondered what to do with your collection of VHS tapes lying around your house? Have you thought about getting them digitised?

Thirty years ago, VHS tapes were the clunky heroes of the day. A place where you can store 3 hours of home videos whilst also taping all the TV shows you could ever want to watch. It was your saviour for when people made plans at the same time as your favourite television show… and, your worst enemy when you mistakenly chose the wrong VHS to tape over. But, what about now?

With streaming services available to watch the shows that you love without the hassle of taping and mobile phones being a quick solution to capture a memory forever, the thought of searching for a VHS and setting up a camcorder becomes a laughable solution. And now you’re left with a quandary: since you no longer have a VCR due to new televisions making them obsolete – what are you to do with all your VHS tapes? Digitising your VHS tapes preserves your memories and revitalises them in the modern age.

Transferring your VHS to digital can feel like a tiring ordeal when thinking about the appliances and work needed to do so. Yet, with the help of a professional video service all you have to do is select, package and send your tapes to the service.

What if I cannot check what is on my tapes?

No worries! These services will sift through your footage and edit out any unwanted television or static screens. Then, the files will be converted into an MP4 format (or format of your preference) so you can watch, and choose to edit these videos, without the need of prior watching.

I’ve found my tapes but they’re not in great condition…

Using a service like Digital Converters means that cleaning and repairs are included in the price of your transfer. The sooner you send in your tapes, the higher chance you have of recovering your memories from film deterioration or mould. Their expert technicians have the knowledge to repair tapes – and with the help of in-house editing, your videos will play seamlessly.

Brilliant! But what if I only want them repaired – instead of converting as well?

Conversion is included in the price of VHS to digital services. It would be foolish to expect your VHS tapes to keep in a good, high-quality condition for the next 20 years. By converting your VHS to DVD, USB or Cloud declutters your house and protects your videos from any future damage.

So… I should transfer my VHS to DVD?

Hold the phone! Choosing to convert your VHS to DVD is better than not converting them at all…however, using a VHS to DVD service will become problematic for you later. DVD’s are quickly following the same route as tapes due to streaming services replacing the need for discs.

Personally, I recommend converting your tapes to a USB or cloud format. USB’s are easy to use on a smart television or computer, and cloud downloads allow you to watch your videos on your phone anywhere. A fantastic option if you are wanting to show them to friends and family outside the home!

Okay, I’ve chosen my tapes and mode to get them transferred. Now, what video service should I use?

Digital Converters is the top video conversion service in the UK. They use the best VHS equipment to ensure your videos are converted at the highest quality. What makes them really unique is their easy to use website where you can create orders and contact the company. Using web chat, email or phone to discuss any other questions you may have.