Find out how much money you could earn for films, blank tapes, TV recordings and more.

What are the most valuable VHS tapes?

The videotapes that make the most money are often ‘video nasties’, like cheap horror films or movies never released on DVD. The rarer your video is, the higher your chance of making money. Specific classics can also earn you some good money, like this 101 Dalmatians VHS tape listed on eBay for £15,000.

Horror VHS tapes worth more money on eBay. Source: Bruno Guerrero

That doesn’t mean your collection will not sell on eBay or Facebook marketplace. Nostalgia plays a heavy part when selling films or boxsets released on video. You may own a movie that someone has been longing to watch again – or perhaps someone preferred to watch Disney films on tape.

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What are blank VHS tapes worth?

The market for blank VHS tapes has shrunk over the last 15 years, with VCR players being out of production for more than a decade. If you own an extensive collection of blank VHS tapes, you can sell them for around £10 on eBay. As a word of advice, it is better to sell them as soon as possible because the magnetic reel degrades over time.

What are TV recordings worth?

Do TV recordings have any monetary value? No. But they do have a collector’s interest.

You cannot sell TV recordings for money due to copyright laws. However, that doesn’t mean to say you cannot give your recordings another lease of life. Some YouTubers and collectors are asking for television footage to complete their archives. By researching Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages, you will find collectors to donate your tapes to.

The second option for getting rid of your television recordings is by advertising them on eBay or Gumtree as blank tapes with footage to record over. Your videos will pass eBay’s copyright check but will sell for very little – it would be easier to donate them instead.

What are home recordings worth?

Of course, home recordings have worth! They contain precious memories and capture moments of the past. Although no one else will be interested in buying them, home movies are priceless to you.

So, before disposing of your tapes, you should invest in a VHS to DVD service. Tape digitisation services preserve your memories by converting VHS to USB, DVD or digital file. After archiving your footage, you can dispose of your tapes by recycling them in ‘waste for energy’ skips or donating them to upcycling companies.

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