How are you doing? Here, the team is buzzing with energy as our gears begin turning and churning out a new year of sweet memories. We are particularly excited about heading into February - the month of love! Weddings! Anniversaries! Honeymoons! There is nothing more precious than cherishing those beloved shared moments of the past.

So, how can we help you during this romantic month?

Want an exclusive discount?

That’s right. We are giving away a very exclusive discount to help you save money this Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is sign-up for our mailing list.

Digitised wedding photograph done by Digital Converters
Example of a digitised wedding photograph scanned and edited by Digital Converters

What is more personal and intimate than reliving your favourite memories made with the person you love the most? You can build a collection of videotape transfers, photos, and audio clips to gift with the range of services we provide. Win, win, win.

Still unsure what to gift on Valentine’s Day?

Check out our blog on five fun gift ideas to entertain your partner! This small (but sweet) list is full of date night-in ideas that are a little unusual compared to your ordinary steak night for two.

If that doesn’t inspire you, we even have a list of 52 presents you can gift this Valentine’s Day! We scoured the internet for gifts that support local (or businesses based in the UK) to help you break away from Amazon's grip. 

Photo scanning service update

Recently, we have stopped our printed photographs scanning service. This service change is because our scanning machine has packed in, and we are struggling to find a new device for the service.

You can still convert your negatives, and 35mm slides to digital on the positive side! And, turnaround time is only one to two weeks – the perfect for speedy conversion of those slides lying around your house!

Want to know more about Digital Converters?

Last month, we published a year in review to thank our supportive customers who have helped us become the company we are today. It is a quick snippet into our successes in 2021 and even breaks down how many videos we have converted in the last year. The review is a great 5 minute read to learn more about Digital Converters.